Searching the right Colors – Street Party Le Bloc in Cologne

Colors. It’s not easy for me to get them right in my photography. That’s one of the reasons I ususally prefer black and white. To get rid of the endless possibilities to influence the character of a picture. And to spoil it. But this weekend with bright afternoon sunshine I decided to give colors another […]

End of a Myth – Amsterdam Today (Color)

Mein letzter Besuch in Amsterdam war in den späten 80er Jahren. My beloved studierte damals  Tanz an der Theaterschool Amsterdam. In der Zeit hatte die Stadt einen ziemlich wilden, rauen, schmutzigen Ruf, wenn auch auf die irgendwie charmante Weise. Alle Spielarten eines individuellen Lebensstils in einer der schönsten Altstädte Europas. Ich erinnere Myriaden von Tauben, die die Fritten […]

Pale Sky and Empty Space – Zeeland (Netherlands) in February 2017

Wir fahren fast jedes Jahr nach Holland an die Küste. Entweder im November oder rund um die Karnevalszeit. Meist bläst uns der kalte Wind ins Gesicht, dass die Ohren schmerzen. Dieses Mal war das Wetter ganz anders. Der erste Tag war fast windstill, feucht und schwer hing ein fahler Nebel über dem Meer. Am zweiten […]

Sunday Morning with the Ricoh GR I (Color)

It’s the Reds and Blues which sometimes (not very often) let me work the raw-files into color-pictures. Strong reds and blues. Preferably with a touch of Black. If I can find them in one frame: wonderful! These pictures were taken with the Ricoh GR and post-produced with the RNI-preset ‚Technicolor‘ . Deutsche Übersetzung: siehe unten. […]

Sunday Morning with the Ricoh GR I (Black and White)

Actually, I am not very interested in reviewing cameras. That doesn’t mean, I don’t like to read reviews – quite the opposite. They are an ever sparkling source for an illness a lot of amateur photographers suffer from: the gear acquisition syndrome. But truth to be told: new cameras or lenses just very rarely improve […]

Dance and Perfection – Romeo and Juliet Rehearsal (Tanztheater Münster)

Our perception of dance is largely influenced by the idea of perfection. Perfect bodies execute difficult movements in a hopefully perfect manner. Isn’t that what dancers are used to train for most of their lives? To stay in shape, give us an idea, what could be achieved if we would train as hard as dancers […]