Testing the Rolleiflex as a Street Camera – Cologne Funfair 2017

It’s April, time again for the Cologne Funfair. I didn’t want to bring my Rolleiflex with me, too many crowds, too much movement. I’m definitely not a Rolleiflex street shooter, just graveyards and forests with that camera: photographing objects, which can’t move too fast. But then again: I had several 120er films in my drawer […]

The Grey Dawn of a Right-Wing-Party and a Demonstration in Cologne

After years of permanent success maybe Cologne is the final turning point. The party-convention of the right-wing ‚Alternative for Germany‘ (AfD) results in political decisions which reveal the power-possessed and erratic nature of it’s leaders and let’s the party stumble into growing insignificance. That’s astonishing, because also in Germany the voter potential, which seeks sanctuary […]

Köln Mühlheim – Visiting the Past on a Good Friday

Ich war immer schon beeindruckt von großen Industrieanlagen – besonders, wenn sie geschlossen sind, wenn kein Mensch den Anblick einer gewaltigen Architektur beeinträchtigt, die dazu bestimmt ist, tausende von Menschen einzufassen und zu benutzen, um Profit zu generieren. Es liegt eine Atmosphäre von Erleichterung, Vergeblichkeit, ja Freiheit in der Luft, wenn man solche verlassene Anlagen […]

Sunday Morning with the Ricoh GR I (Color)

It’s the Reds and Blues which sometimes (not very often) let me work the raw-files into color-pictures. Strong reds and blues. Preferably with a touch of Black. If I can find them in one frame: wonderful! These pictures were taken with the Ricoh GR and post-produced with the RNI-preset ‚Technicolor‘ . Deutsche Übersetzung: siehe unten. […]

Sunday Morning with the Ricoh GR I (Black and White)

Actually, I am not very interested in reviewing cameras. That doesn’t mean, I don’t like to read reviews – quite the opposite. They are an ever sparkling source for an illness a lot of amateur photographers suffer from: the gear acquisition syndrome. But truth to be told: new cameras or lenses just very rarely improve […]

Thinking of Hanns Martin Schleyer – Working early in the morning

You enter a surreal world when the alarm clock rings at 5 a.m. When you’re lucky, your sleep wasn’t interrupted during a heavy dream. You appreciate the delights of a strict routine, when your body just follows a ritual of movements, because your mind is not ready yet.  Don’t hurry, don’t think, just follow that […]