Belgrade in the Dark

Der Bus vom Flughafen fährt ins Zentrum, vorbei an zerbombten Gebäuden des Verteidigungsministeriums. Später Nachmittag. Der erste Eindruck: die Stadt wirkt östlicher, rauer als Zagreb. Und deutlich belebter, großstädtischer. Auch abends noch. 28 Grad, warmer Wind. Ich finde ein kleines Restaurant, setze mich draußen hin, beobachte einen Papa, der die ganze Zeit aufs Handy schaut, […]

Dark Winter

It was a relatively bright Saturday morning when I heard in the radio that this winter has been the darkest for a long time. And you can feel it. This lack of light creeping into your system to smother your vitality. I took my camera and found some places with just the right amount of […]

Searching Beauty in the Square Format – Shooting with a Rolleiflex

I still struggle with the square-format of my Rolleiflex camera. As much as I like the fact, that it slows down my photography and forces me to compose the picture with more care, as much as I like  this beautiful gigantic viewfinder, which transforms an ordinary object into a piece of art, it’s a painful […]

The Scars of Decline – Buildings and Architecture in Liège (Lüttich)

Liège once had been a rich industrial town in Belgium. But with the decline of it’s factories you can see the scars poverty has left.  Without wanting to be cynical: in almost any aspect it’s far more interesting to photograph in a city, which once had great times but now struggles to find a new […]