My first Experience with SILBERSALZ 500T Film

When I first read about a new 35mm film called „Silbersalz35“ the idea seemed quite intriguing to me: a small German enterprise which used Kodak Vision 3 Motion Picture Film to pack it into normal film canisters. You can load your 35mm camera with it like you would do with a a normal consumer film (for example Kodak Gold), then you shoot  your 36 pictures per film roll with your 35 mm film camera and then send back the film canisters to the Company. „Silbersalz“ will  develop the film rolls with a special film developer  and send you the digitalized scans via file transfer. The following pictures are some examples of the pictures I got back just a few days ago. I just did a little bit of dodging and burning in Adobe Lightroom, sometimes I enhanced the contrast and played with the white balance. All in all I didn‘t change the jpeg files I received from the company that much. They also send you high-resolution- files, so there is plenty to do for anyone who loves to tweak files and get the maximum out of it. As you can see, I am definitely not one of these guys 😉

To sum up my first experiences: I really like the delicate and subdued colors as much as I like the very fine and sharp grain. All pictures were made on different photo walks with my Leica M6 and the Summicron 35mm asph or Voigtländer 40mm f1.4 in Cologne on February and March 2021 during the COVID lockdown.

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