Travelling to Brittany with a Leica M2 – Summary of an analogue experience

Zwischendurch habe ich mich das immer wieder mal gefragt: warum eigentlich habe ich diese ziemlich schwere Film-Kamera mit in den Urlaub genommen, warum teure Filme gekauft, die nach dem Urlaub auch noch entwickelt und gescannt werden müssen? Im wesentlichen deswegen: weil es fast schon eine sinnliche Erfahrung ist, eine so schöne Kamera wie die Leica […]

Brittany with an old Leica (Part III) – Dinan and the Monastery

I really liked Dinan. It’s touristy but in a somehow cautious and sophisticated way. We stayed in a small hotel, named after the French explorer Auguste Pavie.  With subtlety and refined taste the owners had integrated asian sculptures and other elements of the East to create a splendid blend of medieval France and Eastern Asia. […]

Brittany with an old Leica (Part II) – Village Fete in Ploemeur

I‘d hoped to experience some great sea food in the Village Fete of Ploemeur, but the whole place was smelling strong from Andouille, a local sausage, which consists of parts of animals I don’t even want to think about. It was was cooked and roasted all over the place. But then again: a spectacular light […]