Coptic Orthodox Church (Jerusalem)

Einer meiner Lieblingsplätze in der Altstadt Jerusalems: die Koptisch Orthodoxe Kirche. Hauptsitz der alten christlichen Gemeinde Ägyptens. Direkt neben der Grabeskirche gelegen. Und dann doch eine ganz andere, farbenreiche, stille Welt, wenn man Glück hat und nicht gerade eine Touristengruppe aus dem fernen Osten oder Russland durchgeführt wird.

Pigeon English under the pictures.

One of my favourite places in the Old Town of Jerusalem. The Coptic Orthodox Church, main place of the ancient Christian community in Egypt. I’ll quote the website ‚Following the Council of Chalcedon in 451, the Coptic church split from the Byzantine church together with the Syrian and Ethiopian churches (followed by the Armenian church), due to their belief in “monophysitism” – a single and united nature of Jesus, godly and human, that cannot be separated. This is contrary to the “Dyophysitism” perception, which perceives Jesus as having two separate natures, godly and human.‘ Anyway, it’s entrance is situated just outside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Sometimes just a few tourists were inside the building with its gorgeous African colours.