Visiting Museum Kolumba during the Pandemic with a Leica M2 and a roll of Agfa APX 100

Sunday noon. We were alone in Kolumba (Cologne) one of the most beautiful museums, created by the famous Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. I brought my Leica M2 with me, together with a Summicron 35mm lens: Inside the camera: a rather cheap roll of Agfa APX 100. Sometimes I wonder, why still bother shooting film? But […]

Being Fascinated by Visitors – Museums in Paris

We’ve visited a lot of museums in Paris. Mostly those, which exhibited photography. And sometimes, just sometimes, an expression, a face in a frame stole my attention. Wir haben eine Menge Museen besucht in Paris. Meist solche, die Fotografie-Ausstellungen zeigten. Und manchmal, nur manchmal, lenkte mich ein Ausdruck, ein Gesicht im Raum von der Kunst […]