Brittany with an old Leica and some film Part II (Village Fete in Ploemeur)

I‘d hoped to experience some great sea food in the Village Fete of Ploemeur, but the whole place was smelling strong from Andouille, a local sausage, which consists of parts of animals I don’t even want to think about. It was was cooked and roasted all over the place. But then again: a spectacular light […]

Brittany with an old Leica and some film Part I (Le Croisic)

From all the places we visited in Brittany I would say: Le Croisic is it. The essence of o place so heavily formed and influenced and determined by the sea. The coastline. The fields in front of the crushing waves. The heavy buildings with their grey rooftops. Smirking seagulls surfing  air streams. Heavy shadows on […]

Searching Beauty in the Square Format – Shooting with a Rolleiflex

I still struggle with the square-format of my Rolleiflex camera. As much as I like the fact, that it slows down my photography and forces me to compose the picture with more care, as much as I like  this beautiful gigantic viewfinder, which transforms an ordinary object into a piece of art, it’s a painful […]